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Submitting Your News Article for Publishing on FlowInNews

In the fast-paced world of online journalism, submitting a news article for publishing on a website is a crucial step towards reaching a broader audience. To streamline this process and maintain the quality and consistency of our content, we have established comprehensive guidelines for contributors.

Guidelines for Submitting Your News Article:

  1. Relevance and Timeliness:
    Ensure that your news article is relevant to our website’s focus and target audience. Our primary audience is students of Delhi University.
  2. Originality and Attribution:
    All submissions must be original work. If you include quotes, data, or information from other sources, provide proper attribution. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.
  3. Word Count and Format:
    Adhere to the specified word count guidelines for news articles(minimum 200 words divided into at least 3 headings). Keep your writing clear, concise, and to the point. Format your article with a headline, subheadings, and paragraphs for easy readability.
  4. Include Supporting Media:
    Enhance your news article with relevant images, videos, or infographics, if applicable. Ensure you have the rights to use these media assets or provide proper attribution.
  5. Fact-Checking:
    Thoroughly fact-check your article to ensure the accuracy of information. Provide citations for statistics and verify the credibility of your sources.
  6. Neutral Tone and Objective Reporting:
    Maintain a neutral and objective tone in your news reporting. Avoid personal opinions and present information in a balanced manner.
  7. Avoid Sensationalism:
    Steer clear of sensationalized language or clickbait tactics. Our aim is to deliver informative and credible news to our audience.
  8. Include Author Information:
    Provide a brief author bio at the end of your article. Include your name, credentials, and a link to your professional profile or social media accounts.
  9. Check for Spelling and Grammar:
    Thoroughly proofread your article for spelling and grammar errors. A well-edited piece reflects positively on both the author and the publication.
  10. Response Time:
    Be patient after submitting your article. Our editorial team carefully reviews each submission, and response times may vary. If you haven’t received a response within the specified timeframe, consider following up politely.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the quality and credibility of our website’s content. We appreciate your dedication to delivering timely and accurate news, and we look forward to considering your submissions for publication.

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