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Call for Social Change: Volunteer Recruitment Drive by Naksh Foundation

he Naksh Foundation invites passionate individuals to join their volunteer recruitment drive for 2024, offering diverse opportunities across departments. Remote work, valuable experience, and personal growth await those committed to social change. Apply by January 5, 2024.
poster of recruitment drive by naksh foundation

The Naksh Foundation, a registered Non-Profit Organization under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, is excited to announce a recruitment drive for passionate individuals to join their dynamic team. The foundation is dedicated to innovative initiatives, education promotion, legal aid, and overall societal well-being.

Opportunity Overview:

The Naksh Foundation is seeking passionate individuals to join various departments, each playing a crucial role in their mission. Aspiring candidates are encouraged to read the comprehensive recruitment information bulletin before proceeding.

Teams and Departments:

  • Creative Writing & Content Team: Harness the power of words to convey impactful messages.
  • Social Media & Graphics Team: Craft visually engaging content for maximum reach and impact.
  • Video Editing Team: Create compelling visual narratives to amplify the foundation’s mission.
  • Marketing & Collaborations Team: Develop strategies to promote initiatives and foster partnerships.
  • Event Management Team: Organize and execute events that drive social change.
  • Human Resource Management Team: Play a vital role in managing and nurturing the foundation’s human capital.
  • Finance & Fundraising Team: Contribute to financial sustainability through effective fundraising.
  • Tech and Website Management Team: Maintain a strong online presence and technological infrastructure.

Perks and Benefits Joining Naksh Foundation:

Volunteering with The Naksh Foundation is not just a charitable act; it’s an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Volunteers can expect:

  • Certificates recognizing their valuable contributions.
  • Letters of recommendation for exceptional leadership.
  • Development of team-building and management skills.
  • Real-life problem-solving experiences.
  • Enhanced understanding of social issues affecting communities.

Nature of Work

Primarily work for home (Remote)

Application Deadline:

Interested individuals are urged to submit their applications by the 5th of January 2024. After the deadline, shortlisted candidates will undergo an interview process to determine their suitability for the respective roles.

Contact Information:

For further inquiries, interested candidates can reach out to The Naksh Foundation through the following channels:

WhatsApp: +91 82873 93301

Email: [email protected]
Application Link: https://forms.gle/SZnd6BHbxCu1fsh96
Read the recruitment information bulletin before applying. 

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