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Navdrishti MUN 2024: Gargi College, Enroll Now!!

As a precursor to Gargi College’s annual fest, Navdrishti Association – the departmental society for B.A. Program students – is organizing a Model United Nations (MUN) this March the 2nd. Navdrishti’s MUN 2024 is for all students who care for the world’s greater problems and love to express and extend their care to others through knowledge, insights and opinions.

About the Event

This year’s theme promotes an insightful discussion on ‘Deliberations Upon Humanitarian Effects Of The Israel-Hamas War’. The students will act as delegates of each member country of the United Nations Human Rights Committee; and provide their strategies, support and solutions that help maintain justice and order in situations of warfare.

The delegates (students acting as delegates) will also get the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of global affairs, geopolitics and global citizenship. This may also provide a morale boost to India’s youth, as India tries to gain its well deserved permanent seat in the UNSC.


  • Member Country: Delegates are required to provide names of three countries they would prefer to be a delegate for. A list of countries and the availability of their delegation seat is provided in the Google form, students are advised to carefully check the availability before making the payment. Failing to do so may result in the applicant not receiving any delegation seat, and no refund shall be provided such situations.
  • Executive Board: Details of the Executive Board for the committee will be announced soon on the official Instagram profile of Navdrishti Association. Students are advised to follow @navdrishti_gargicollege on Instagram for updates by Navdrishti Association.
  • Cash Prizes: Some of the most inspiring and insightful delegates will be awarded cash prizes. The Best Delegate will be awarded ₹3,000/-, High Commendation will be awarded ₹2,000/- and finally Special Mention will be awarded ₹1,000/-. More information on the judgement criteria will be informed on the day of the event.

Important Details

  • Date: Saturday, March 2nd 2024
  • Time: 10:00 AM
    Venue: Gargi College
  • Reaching the venue on time is extremely important for all participants as they represent a country. It is mandatory for the students to carry their college ID with them, entry in the college premises will not be allowed without proper ID.

Delegation Fee

  • To become a delegate, a payment of ₹500/- is to be paid.
  • A screenshot and UPI ID of the transaction should also be uploaded (and kept safely) by the applicant.
  • Failing to provide the transaction ID will result in a failed application and no refund shall be provided in such situations.
  • Refund: No refund shall be provided whatsoever in any of the above mentioned situations or any other unexpected situations. If the transaction fails during payment due to network issues or other technical errors, Navdrishti Association, Gargi College or Flow In News will not be liable. Instead, the applicant may contact their respective bank or payments app support services to rectify the issue.


  • Students of all colleges of Delhi NCR are cordially invited to participate in the Navdrishti MUN 2024.
  • Students willing to participate as delegates must register themselves using the Google Forms Link provided below. All the details should be filled properly and completely, failing to do so may result in a cancelled application and no refund shall be provided in such situations.

CLICK HERE for registration.

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