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Hurry up!! Excited Workshop by Haritima at Faculty of Arts

In efforts to reducing the use of single use plastic and promoting sustainable living among the youth, Haritima – the environmental awareness society of Hansraj College – presents an exciting workshop that is fun and also helps the planet. Haritima has collaborated with The Environmental Consortium and The Soft Move to bring this exciting workshop to educate students on how to help the planet with small choices.

About the Workshop

The workshop features activities focusing on reducing plastic carry bags in daily life. However, one key challenge has always been access to sustainable alternatives; and for this challenge, the workshop offers an easy and fun solution. Making your own paper bags out of unused paper at home is the ultimate lightbulb solution to the darkness of single use plastic.

Perks of the Workshop

  • The attendees will learn the significance of small daily choices in the long run with regards to sustainability, the individual and social benefits of making sustainable life decisions and ways to create bags with any kind of unused or unusable paper.
  • The workshop will also provide attendees an opportunity to connect with like minded people that think and act in the same direction for sustainable living.
  • E-certificate will be awarded to the attendees after the workshop to honor and appreciate their efforts and dedication towards sustainable living.

Important Details

  • Date: Thursday, March 7th 2024
  • Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
  • Venue: Amphitheatre, Faculty of Arts, North Campus University of Delhi
  • Entry will be from Main Gate Arts Faculty.

Registration Details

  • All individuals within 18-25 years of age are more than welcomed.
  • Registration is mandatory as the seats are limited.
  • Registration to be done at the earliest to avoid the chance of missing out.
  • Attendees are requested to join the WhatsApp group for further updates and queries from the organizers. The link of the WhatsApp group will be provided once the registration is completed.

CLICK HERE to Register yourself

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