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Delhi University’s Happiest Season 2.0 Showcases Captivating Art Exhibitions

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Bharati College, Delhi University

New Delhi, 15th August 2023 – The vibrant art scene at Delhi University is set to shine as four esteemed colleges, Bharati College, Zakhir Husain College, and Keshav Mahavidyalaya College, and Bharati College of Delhi University unveil their captivating art exhibitions at the eagerly anticipated Happiest Season 2.0 event.

Artvilla from Bharati College, Suchitra from Zakir Husain College, and Maniera from Keshav Mahavidyalaya College, Kalakriti from Hansraj College are ready to immerse visitors in a world of creativity and passion.

Suchitra’s Fine Arts Society at Zakhir Husain College promises to enchant with their inspiring creations. Attendees can not only admire but also acquire these exquisite treasures, becoming a part of the artistic journey the society has embarked upon.

Kalakriti, the Fine Arts Society of Hansraj College, is ready to showcase a diverse range of artistic expressions. From brushstrokes to vibrant hues, Kalakriti invites attendees to indulge in a realm of creativity and perhaps take home a piece of the magic.

Maniera from Keshav Mahavidyalaya College, narrates captivating stories through their artworks. The society’s dedication and passion shine through in every masterpiece, inviting visitors to own a slice of the creative brilliance crafted by the ingenious minds.

The Happiest Season 2.0 event is a celebration of culture, art, and creativity, with these exhibitions at its heart. Attendees are encouraged to mark their calendars, supporting these fine art societies and contributing to a thriving arts community within and beyond the university.

Intriguing and inspiring, these exhibitions are a must-see for art enthusiasts and those seeking a burst of creative energy. The Happiest Season 2.0 art exhibitions bring canvas to life, inviting visitors to explore the stories woven within each masterpiece.

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