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Paid Internship with Tata 1mg: Apply Now!

About Internship at Tata 1mg

India’s top consumer health platform is Tata 1mg. Its goal is to make healthcare available, understandable, and inexpensive for a billion Indians. It strives to be the trusted health partner for all Indians. It gives customers the opportunity to learn more about their medications and discover more affordable alternatives. The doctor platform from 1mg seeks to completely transform how a consumer chooses the best healthcare provider for his requirements. Its diagnostics service makes lab tests transparent and cost-effective.

About the Legal Internship Opportunity

A legal intern is needed by Tata 1mg for an out-of-office internship.

Eligibility for the Internship

Recent law graduates and final year students may apply.


1 month


It will be a salaried employment.

Requirements for the Internship

It is essential to have effective communication skills, a basic understanding of contract law, and legal research abilities.



How to apply

Send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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