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RESO is an online platform for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that is reliable, efficient, and quick. It will offer swift and affordable conflict resolution through conciliation, mediation, and arbitration (AMC). With the use of Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation, and other methods outside of the court system, Reso serves as a one-stop shop for two parties to resolve their differences.

About the Legal Internship Opportunity

RESO Technologies Pvt Ltd is inviting applications for RESO Technologies Pvt Ltd

Eligibility of the Internship

Students in their last year who have prior understanding of real estate legislation, commercial/contractual law, banking and insurance issues, and recovery issues.



Duration of Internship

For the entire month of December ’22, the internship must be PHYSICAL.

Application Procedure

Kindly send your resumes at [email protected]co.in

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