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Elon Musk, the head of Twitter, stated that the firm is taking action to address the problem of frequent and large adverts on the site, but he also added that customers will have to pay more for that membership.

Musk posted on Twitter, saying, “Twitter has an excessive number and size of ads. Taking action in the upcoming weeks to address both. A more expensive subscription that enables no adverts will also be available.”

Following Musk’s tweets, The Rabbit Hole, a verified Twitter account, posed the following query: “Can individuals independently choose to monetize their accounts with ads? Currently, advertisers approach users one-by-one; developing a platform-integrated solution will allow Twitter to take a cut and give creators a route to monetizing our material.”

Musk responded, “Maybe there’s a way to do this by posting an ad underneath tweet details,” in response.

Musk also disclosed that the “For You” algorithmic timeline will no longer be required of users in the next version of the microblogging platform.

Next Twitter update will remember whether you were on For You (i.e. recommended), Following, or a list you built, Musk wrote in a tweet, and it won’t switch you back to suggested tweets.

On his post, a number of users commented.

According to one user, “thank goodness because it always pushes me back to for you, which isn’t useful to me,” and “thank you since the last thing I want to see is tweets from an algorithm as the default,” respectively, other users expressed gratitude.

The platform revealed on Friday that it had already updated the “For You” and “Following” sections on the web interface and on iOS last week and has done the same for Android.

According to TechCrunch, Musk had promised on January 8 a feature that would make it simple for users to favourite tweets, and the platform is now introducing it to iOS users.

Users now find it simpler to add a post to their bookmarks thanks to the new design, which places the bookmark option beneath the expanded tweet view. Only the iOS app can see it right now, but it should soon be available on Android and the web as well

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