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Bengaluru Road Collapses, Injuring a Biker

An individual was hurt when a section of the busy road between MG Road to Shule Circle in Bengaluru gave way, producing a five-meter trench, according to news agency PTI. A biker slipped on it and suffered minor injuries as the trench emerged.

The road suddenly collapsed in front of everyone’s eyes, revealing the five-meter-deep ditch. According to a traffic police officer stationed at Ashok Nagar traffic police station, the route was soon blocked to public traffic.

The prompt response of our police station staff prevented a serious accident. The officer added , “They rapidly diverted traffic after blocking the route.”

The official claims that a water pipeline leak caused the road to give way. It should be emphasized that the incident happened close to where tunnel boring for a metro construction project was going on.

The red line, also known as phase 2 of the Metro construction project, is now being built between Nagawara and Gottigere. Where a tunnel was bored 150 MTS away from the scene of the collision is where a section of the road collapsed down.

Notably, the event happened only two days after a mother and her young boy died after a pillar fell on them on Tuesday in the Nagavara neighbourhood, causing indignation against the Namma metro project and the Karnataka government to soar.

The husband and daughter of the deceased mother also sustained injuries, although they are reportedly safe.

“Both had brain injuries, and we did everything we could to save them. There had already been significant blood loss and a drop in blood pressure, “they were treated by doctors, who reported. According to sources, the afflicted family will receive 20 lakh apiece in compensation from Namma Metro and the Karnataka government.

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