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People Duped with promise of jobs at Prashar Bharti

In NEW DELHI: According to police, a group of alleged fraudsters defrauded more than 300 people out of their money by promising them jobs at Prasar Bharati in exchange for their money. The economic offences wing has also begun an investigation into the matter.

According to authorities, the complainants in the case said that Pankaj Gupta informed them he had good connections in a number of government agencies. They were seduced by the accused who claimed to have assisted 800 people in finding jobs in the government. According to investigators, he stated that one of his cousins was a CBI employee and another was the hospital’s head medical officer.

He assured them that there would be no interview required to join.

He originally demanded Rs. 3,000 from the applicants before extorting each of the complainants Rs. 20,000, Rs. 15,000, and Rs. 10,000. One day, he requested that they go to Mandi House to get their documents verified..

According to authorities, when the victims arrived at Prasar Bharati’s office in Mandi House and asked about the document verification, the building’s guards informed them that they were unaware of the situation.

Later, a few additional applicants visited Gupta’s home but were unable to locate him. They realised they had been duped at that point.

The police discovered that Gupta had numerous official stamps. According to them, the accused is on the run, and searches are being made to find him.

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