Thrilling Competitions at ARSD: Register Now!

Unleash your pen and let your words dance in the spotlight! Join the awaited article writing competition and craft your masterpiece amidst a sea of creativity. Dare to inspire, captivate, and make your mark!

Kirori Mal College CRAFT TANK: Register Now!

When it comes to environmental challenges and trying to find large-scale solutions, Bhoomi is one of this college’s most active, thoughtful, and profound societies. It has an amazing history of planning field excursions, plantation drives, webinars and environmentally friendly solutions for today’s pressing problems. Kirori Mal College Eco Club aims to foster an environment-aware mindset and provide college staff and students a feeling of urgency to stop environmental destruction.

Hansraj College is back with Apocalypse: Register Now!

Apocalypse, organized by S.P.A.R.C. Society, Hansraj College is undeniably an unforgettable competition of wits, mettle, and strategy which brings out the fun side of learning. This year Apocalypse is back, with more mystery, power, and cogent! Get together your wit, intellect, mindedness, and wisdom to win the final battle.

St. Stephen’s College Presents Codeception : Register Now!

The Economics Society of St. Stephen’s college is now here with the most awaited event of the National Economics Festival 2024 CODECEPTION. Stay on your toes and expect the unexpected; maybe you will be able to bag the prize in this surprise event!