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Paid Internship Opportunity at Stanza Living: Apply Now!

Regarding Stanza Living

Imagine converting a location the size of Eden Gardens into fully functional co-living apartments in less than a month. Or preparing over 2 lakh meals each day that thousands of picky students can customize. At Stanza Living, however, we don’t just conjure up these. These talents have been created by us. With the first full-stack technological ecosystem in the industry. We have grown from a bootstrapped startup to become India’s largest managed-accommodation provider for students and newly graduated workers because to this environment.

About the opportunity

 For a legal internship

There is an internship opening at Stanza Living. For 1/3–6 months, it will be a paid internship. 10,000 INR is the stipend. The candidate will be kept on full-time if they are qualified.


The interns need to be familiar with the fundamental concepts and procedures of accounting and financial analysis.

Mathematical aptitude and proficiency are crucial.

Strong Excel skills in particular, as well as MS Office proficiency, are crucial.

a graduate or postgraduate with strong English communication abilities in both writing and speaking


10,000 Indian rupees.

Timeframe of Internship

For 1/3–6 months, it will be a paid internship.

Application Procedure 

Email your resume to Ravi Kumar at [email protected]

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