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Internship Opportunity at World Intellectual Property Rights Organization: Apply Now!

Developing potential and access to career opportunities.

A rare opportunity to obtain priceless experience at the cutting edge of innovation and creativity exists as an intern at WIPO. All around the organization, our interns are working together on stimulating and difficult projects.

Who are we looking for??

We are looking for creative individuals from a variety of backgrounds. We’re particularly interested in the following essential backgrounds:

  • Law
  • Economics/statistics
  • Technology Information (IT)
  • Technical assistance
  • Project management
  • Administration (finance, human resources, procurement, programme planning)
  • Translation
  • Marketing/communications

Are you eligible??

You must be enrolled in a first-level or advanced university degree programme or have successfully earned a degree within the last two years to be eligible to apply for a WIPO internship.Students must be in their third or fourth year of college or be enrolled in a programme that includes an internship as one of the degree requirements in order to be eligible to enrol in a first-level university degree.

Additionally, you must be very proficient in both French and/or English.

How does the application process work??

You must submit your application through the *Internship Roster*, which is posted all year long, in order to be considered for an internship. We routinely evaluate the Roster and take into account profiles for certain internship openings. We will get in touch with you immediately if your application is a good fit for an opening.



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