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Internship Opportunities Available at Utkrishtha Law Offices for Law Students in New Delhi

Law students in New Delhi have the opportunity to apply for physical internships in May 2023. The internships are open to applicants who are preferably in their 3rd year onwards (5-year degree) or 2nd year onwards (3-year degree).

The internship location is at 29, Ground floor, Kailash Hills, New Delhi. The internship timings are from Monday to Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

Candidates who are looking for a long-term internship are also welcome to apply. This is an excellent opportunity for law students who are looking to gain practical experience in the legal industry.

During the internship, students will have the chance to work on real cases and learn from experienced legal professionals. This experience is invaluable for any law student who is looking to pursue a career in law.

Physical internships are an excellent opportunity for students to make meaningful connections in the legal industry. Networking with other professionals can lead to future job opportunities and valuable relationships.

In conclusion, law students in New Delhi should take advantage of this opportunity to apply for physical internships in May 2023. This is an excellent chance to gain practical experience in the legal industry, work on real cases, and network with other professionals. Interested applicants should apply as soon as possible to be considered for this exciting opportunity.

Send your resume and cover letter at [email protected] to apply for the position.

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