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Is it time to abolish the monarchy?

With the death of the monarch, monarchy should die.

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving British monarch in history. She ascended to the throne at the age of 25 in 1952. She was also the queen of more than a dozen countries that were once under direct British colonial rule. After her death on 8th September 2022, Charles III became the next monarch of the United Kingdom and fourteen other countries. With his succession, England once again became a monarchy, not a republic.

What is the difference between a monarchy and a republican form of government?

A monarchy is a country that is ruled by a monarch, i.e. a King or Queen. A monarch, such as a king or queen, rules a kingdom or empire. In a constitutional monarchy, the monarch’s power is limited by a constitution. But in an absolute monarchy, the monarch has unlimited power. While, on the other hand, in a republican form of government, the head of the state is elected by the citizens of that country, directly or indirectly. For example, India has a republican form of government because the head of the State (President of India) is elected by the people of India, indirectly.
In the republican form of government, every citizen has the right to become the head of the country. In a monarchy, the relatives of the King or queen can become the head of the state

Where does Monarchy is still alive?

The King or Queen of the United Kingdom is the monarch of 15 independent sovereign states. Currently, these countries recognize the King or queen of England as their head of state.

Antigua and Barbuda
The Bahamas407,906
Belize 400,031
New Zealand5,129,727
Papua New Guinea9,949,437
Saint Kitts and Nevis47,606
Saint Lucia179,651
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines104,332
Solomon Islands707,851
United Kingdom67,281,039

Though the monarch has almost no power in these countries, their role in some countries is highly controversial. This is because many of these states gained their independence through a popular uprising against British colonial rule. Some countries have already renounced the practice of recognizing the British monarch as their head.

Why have some countries left?

Nearly twenty former British territories renounced their monarchies and became republics. These countries include India, Nigeria, and Pakistan among others. This has generally meant replacing the queen with another head-of-state figure, often an elected president. Barbados is the latest country to leave the British Commonwealth realms. Barbados became independent in 1966 after being under British rule. Sandra Mason became the first president of Barbados. She assumed office as president on 30th November 2021. It seems that, there is a reluctance in many of these countries to bear the burden of their colonial pasts.


It is pertinent to realize that colonizing the various parts of the world by European powers, including the UK, was a curse for the people of the colonies. I see no difference between Nazi Germany and Colonial power. Both committed an unforgivable sin. Monarchy should be abolished. The monarch is the last symbol of the dark colonial past and should be thrown away.

Barbados’ decision to abolish the monarchy could pave the way for other Commonwealth realm nations to renounce the monarchy. Jamaica has previously discussed leaving the monarchy, but experts say the country is held back by high constitutional thresholds that would make doing so difficult.
More recent polling shows that replacing the Queen with an Australian Head of State has majority support now, despite a 1999 referendum that favoured keeping the Queen. After the death of Elizabeth II, a debate has begun about abolishing the monarchy.

First Nations Greens senator refers to ‘the colonising her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second’ in her oath of allegiance

Current PM of the UK Liz Truss started her political journey with a demand to end the monarchy in England.
What is your opinion, should the monarchy be abolished or not, after taking into account all the atrocities done by the colonial power? Comment your opinion.

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