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Vlog will not be considered under ECA-Delhi University Admission Update

videos uploaded to social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram do not count as public performances for admission under the ECA.

Delhi University officials said that videos uploaded to social media sites such as YouTube and Instagram do not count as public performances for admission under the Extracurricular Activities Quota (ECA). Admissions for the 2022-23 academic year via the ECA quota will be conducted in 14 ECA categories. Tests will be held in all categories except the National Corps of Cadets (NCC) and the National Service Scheme (NSS), university officials said during a webinar on Thursday. Candidates can apply for a maximum of three ECA categories. According to the University’s Common Seating System Information Brochure “CSAS”, YouTube videos, Facebook/Instagram Reels, vlogs and other content on unverified peer video streaming sites will not be considered for ECA category eligibility. 

Showings in restaurants or other private platforms that do not include peer review mechanisms will also not be considered. “YouTube uploads and restaurant jigs do not count towards targeting, as they are paid and unrated activities. Students should not submit YouTube performance videos and vlogs as they will not be counted as public performances,” said Deepti Taneja, joint dean of DU’s Cultural Council Office, referring to DU’s guidelines for admission under ECA. 

As for sports and ECA studies, Dean (Admissions) Haneet Gandhi said they will be announced in due course. “We will announce the full schedule for sports and ECA testing around October 10th. Students should continue to visit the websites regularly,” Gandhi said. 

Taneja said that in the test category, students are tested on general knowledge and not specific knowledge of the subject. “Your Olympiad certificates in Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Hindi are not considered general knowledge. These certificates count for academics and the score for the same is being sourced through CUET. The quiz will take into account GK certificates” she said.

For an ECA score of 75 marks, 60 marks shall be awarded on the basis of physical trials and 15 marks shall be awarded on the basis of the submitted certificates, said DU officials.

“We receive requests from candidates who do not have certificates but wish to apply in the ECA category… They will not be excluded just because they do not have certificates. They get zero out of 15 points, but their scores in trails will be taken into account,” said Taneja.

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