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University of Delhi Renames Mughal Garden after Gautam Buddha

Delhi University

University of Delhi renames Mughal Garden, located in North Campus, as Gautam Budhha Centenary Garden. The garden does not have mughal design, was the rationale given by the university behind changing its name.

Earlier, the Union Government has renamed Mughal Garden located in Rashtrapati Bhawan as Amrit Udyan to commemorate 75 years of Independence.

A university official, said that the coinciding of the name change was a matter of chance, and that the varsity had come to the decision after a prolonged discussion with its Garden Committee.

“The competent authority of the University of Delhi has approved the name of the garden (opposite the Vice Regal Lodge) with the statue of Gautam Buddha in its centre as Gautam Buddha Centenary Garden”, said Registrar Vikas Gupta, in a notification dated January 27.

Offocial garden was not built by the Mughal and it has no features of Mughal construction.

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