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Students of the Faculty of Law celebrated World Rose Day

Every year, millions of people around the world are diagnosed with cancer. World Rose Day, also known as the Day for the Welfare of Cancer patients, honors cancer patients around the world and is celebrated in memory of 12-year-old Melinda Rose, who died from the disease in 1996. On Rose Day, people send text messages, gifts, and flowers, especially roses, to cancer patients to express their support. In addition to the physical stress that cancer can cause, people with cancer and their families can also experience psychological effects. These small gestures of kindness can have a significant impact on patients.

Students of Delhi University’s Faculty of Law show solidarity with cancer patients on the occasion of World Rose Day. Here are some pictures.

History of World Rose Day

Cancer patients need a lot of willpower to combat the mental and psychological effects of their disease. It often drains you physically, mentally, and financially. World Rose Day for Cancer Patients is celebrated in honor of Melinda Rose, a 12-year-old Canadian girl who was diagnosed with Askins tumor. Askin tumor is a rare form of blood cancer.

When the 12-year-old girl was brought to the hospital the doctors and experts claimed that she will not survive more than a few weeks. However, due to his unwavering optimism and passion, he survived another six months. She devoted all his time to encouraging other people living with cancer through his poems, letters, verses, and emails

How can we emotionally support and help someone with cancer?

Emotional support is one of the most important aspects of fighting cancer. Fighting a life-threatening disease affects cancer patients. In these trying times, there is a need for us to provide our loved ones with the care and support they need in the fight against cancer. 

Here are some simple ways you can help someone with cancer emotionally:

  • Behave Empathetically
    It is always advisable to inquire how your loved ones are feeling or what they need. Don’t assume what they want or need. This allows your loved one to participate in their care. 
  • Find out some help groups
    Many help groups are working toward the welfare of cancer patients. You need to find some help groups. Here, your loved one has the opportunity to connect with other cancer patients and learn how to manage challenging emotions. Social workers or counsellors occasionally run self-help groups of online peer support for cancer patients and caregivers. 
  • Maintain your support after treatment
    For many people, this can be a very emotional time. A person may be concerned that the cancer is coming back, despite feeling relieved that it has gone into remission (i.e. stopped growing or reappearing). Completion of treatment also means fewer team meetings that the patient could have counted on for support.
  • Take care of your loved ones
    It is important to listen to them without judgment or encouragement. When we hear dark or depressing thoughts, we often want to say, “Everything will be fine.” However, one of the most important contributions you can make is simply to listen to those feelings. 
  • Try what works
    Think of the times you helped each other feel better during a difficult time. Use your best judgment and don’t be afraid to explore new things.

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