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Prevalence of Child marriage

Child marriage is an important socio economic issue to be addressed.It has been a very common practiced in India for Centuries , especially during the time of Delhi sultnat. child marriage restraint ( amended ) act ,1978 – has defined it as the practice of marriage of a girl (below the age of 18) or boy (below the age of 21). Inspite of the fact that it’s practice is illegal, child marriage has been continuously practiced in different parts of india. It is not something that is limited to india rather it’s a matter of concern for the whole world as it’s been practiced all over the world ( more specifically in different countries of Africa and Asia ).


In India , states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan contribute much more to this practice as compared to all other states. This practice became prevalent due to various reasons like :☆ cultural beliefs ,that a girl at her parents home at her puberty was considered as an invitation to disease and unrest in the family and she needs to be married before she starts questioning , inorder to reduce her modesty.☆ Family Poverty is one the major reason of this practice , Poor families adopt child marriage to get free of the load of a girl  child ,sometimes  this practice also involves selling of girl child which poor families practice to reduce their burden of poverty .☆ family Insecurity is also a reason of prevalence of this practice :as people believe that an unmarried women is less secure than a married women in society as she is limitized and preserved well after marriage. ☆Sometimes parents don’t want to spend on a girl child’s education for which they follow the path of child marriage.


Child marriage affects the lives of both the boy and girl who were forced to be the victims of this evil practice. But girls/women  are more adversely affected by this as they had to adopt a instentently changed surroundings and most of the times faces several other problems , such as: 1. Early Pregnancy which leads to health complications to the mother , 2. Load of Responsibilities at an early age limits the childhood and happiness of a girl child 3.  Domestic violence is very crucial issue which is faced by a girls child, 4. Loss of their education and career life – Different societies believe that  once a girl is married her parents are no longer bounded to take her responsibility  and its upto her in laws whether they want to educate her further or not .

In order to control this harsh practice going in society, government had taken some measures,by launching scheme , acts etc.

Some of them are : Prohibition on child marriage act 2006, Bal viviah virodh abhiyan,kishori shakti yojana,ladki lakshmi yojana,girl child protection scheme and ladli scheme etc. Otherthan implementation of these measures by government  , need of the hour is that we all ( youth and elders ) should understand the criticality of this issue and should know and aware other about this , maybe by becoming a part of or contributing or supporting  the measures that government launches to eradicate this practice of child marriage.

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