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Moot Court Overview: What is Moot and Why it is important?

Moot court is a simulation of a trial in a real-world courtroom. The purpose of this exercise is to prepare law students for the challenges that they will face as lawyers. The moot court offers an opportunity to gain experience in advocacy and public speaking skills. It also offers an opportunity to learn how to work with judges, other lawyers, and clients. 

In a moot court exercise, students are given a moot problem. Each student is required to analyze the given problem, research the relevant law, prepare written submissions, and present an oral argument. Moot problems are typically set in areas of law that are unsettled or that have been subject to recent developments. They usually involve two grounds of appeal, argued by each side. Almost every law college has a moot court society to train students for real-life court proceedings. 

Extra Point-The first moot court was held at the University of Virginia School of Law in 1929.

Why Moot?

There are many reasons to join moot court society. Moot enables students to

  • practice at all the stages of any case/matter and all the fora with critical thinking
  • do appellate advocacy through independent research, preparation of arguments, and presenting arguments persuasively in appellate courts
  • do trial advocacy, i.e., case analysis, how to conduct examination-in-chief and cross-examination of witnesses, preparation and presentation of arguments on facts and law in the trial courts.
  • work in teams and develop the cooperative nature essential for legal practice.

Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, and Moot court?

All three centers of the faculty of law (FoL), the University of Delhi have a moot court society or committee. In the fifth semester of the LLB program at FoL, there is a mandatory paper titled MOOT COURT, MOCK TRIAL, AND INTERNSHIP. This paper is completely practical, there is no provision for a written exam at the end of the semester for this paper.

Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi Common Moot Court Induction Notice

The moot court society of Campus Law Centre has issued notification and detailed guidelines for the students to induct into moot court. Important dates for the same are given in the following table.

Release of CIM Problem & Rules and
Registration Form
30th September 2022 – Friday
Deadline for Registration12:00 PM, 5th October 2022 – Wednesday
Deadline for Seeking Clarification12:00PM, 9th October 2022 – Sunday
Deadline for Submission of Soft Copy of
11:59 PM, 18th October 2022 – Tuesday
Oral Rounds30th October 2022 – Sunday
Campus Law Centre Moot Court Induction Schedule

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