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Krishnakumar Kunnuth, popularly known as KK, was a Delhi University KMC student. He got admission in the extracurricular activities qouta that allows students from different artistic fields to get admission in DU. KK was part of the then band of Kirori Mal , horizon. He not only got admission under the ECA qouta but also scored first position in the list that year. He participated in various singing activities and was a sensation then. Being a commerce student, he followed his passion and went to Mumbai to pursue his career in music. He gave Bollywood incredible gems and reached the milestone. KK died on May 31 due to a cardiac arrest following his stage show in Kolkata. The 53-year-old singer reportedly felt unwell during the show but completed his performance and returned to the hotel where his health deteriorated.
KK has left behind an unparalleled music legacy that he built close to his three-decade long career in music. KK, a name to be remembered and cherished
by generations to come.

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