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DU firm on nullyfying St. Stephen’s college admission violating CUET guidelines

With the ongoing discordance between St. Stephen’s college and the Delhi University over the admission process , both of them remains firm over their decision. The University had put forth the admission process guidelines, under which it stated that the students were to appear for the  Common University Entrance Test and the admissions would take place soleley on the basis of the CUET scores. St. Stephens , on the contrary , refused to abide by the DU guidelines .

St. Stephens college remains firm over their old admission process , by considering 85% of the CUET score and giving 15% weightage to the interviews for the unreserved category . DU , howewver , wants the admissions to be done by considering 100% CUET scores.

DU and St Stephens have been in a tussle for a long time regarding the admission process for the 2022-23 session. Earlier in the month, DU had written a letter to the minority college asking it to conduct admissions for the general category solely on the basis of CUET Scores. The University has warned the college on treating the admissions “null and void”, if the college fails to abide by the University guidelines. A letter was issued in the name of the Principal of St. Stephen’s college which stated, “The University of Delhi shall not be responsible for any consequential impact on the life and career of the candidates admitted in your college in violation of the university admission policy. You are advised to take the necessary steps in this regard immediately and inform the university accordingly”

The college has not issued any further notice in accordance with the same. The University has also asked the college to withdraw their admission prospectus issued for the session of 2022-2023.

Amidst all the ongoing controversy, the students seeking admission in St. Stephen’s college are finding themselves in a midway, as the college and University are not able to get on a common conclusion. This is creating a sense of chaos within the students themselves. The students who truly deserve a place in an institution based on their capability, maybe declared null and void by the University in lieu of the college going against the University guidelines. In this entire situation, where none of them refusing to back out, it is the students suffering who have worked hard all year long and still stand on the verge of being declared void. It’s high time when college and University should come on a common conclusion and pave a clear way for it’s students who expect much out of themselves as well as the University.

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