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About the course ;

Due to the dependence on online operations, social media usage, emerging technologies like IoT, IIoT, and IoE, digitization, and the pervasiveness of mobile devices, the course on cyber security is crucial in today’s digital era. The necessity of the hour is for safe gadget management and secure online activities. To prevent being a victim of cybercrimes, it is imperative to grasp the security problems as well as the best practises. To comprehend the state of the cyber world today, it is imperative to have a basic understanding of cyber security. Protecting people, society, organisations, and the government against the risks of cyber fraud, scams, threats, and attacks is essential. This can be accomplished with a thorough and comprehensive education.

Administration of the course ;

This course is taken by Dr. Padmavathi Ganapathi, who has served as a professor at the Avinashilingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women (Deemed to be University), Coimbatore, in the department of computer science. She has been a teacher for 32 years and a researcher for 18 years. She is particularly interested in real-time systems, wireless communication, and cyber security. She has carried out financed initiatives totaling 230.568 lakhs. sponsored by the DRDO, DST, UGC, and AICTE. She oversaw 19 Ph.D. students, and she has published more than 200 times in prestigious journals and conferences. She holds lifetime memberships in a number of prestigious organisations, including CSI, ISTE, ISCA, WSEAS, AACE, and AICW. various IEEE conferences and journals reviewer. She has travelled to numerous nations for technical discussions.

Important dates ;

Enrollment ends : 31st Aug,2022
Duration : 15 weeks

Course layout ;

Week – 1

1.Introduction to Cyber Space
2.Introduction to Information Systems
3.Need for Cyber Security

Week – 2

4.Introduction to Cyber Attacks
5.Classification of Cyber Attacks
6.Classification of Malware, Threats

Week – 3

7.Vulnerability Assessment
8.Intrusion Detection Systems
9.Intrusion Prevention Systems

Week – 4

10.Introduction to User Authentication Methods
11.Biometric Authentication Methods
12.Biometric Systems

Week – 5

13.Different Security Models and Security Mechanisms
14.Information Security and Network Security
15.Operating System Security

Week – 6

16.Web Security
17.Email Security
18.Mobile Device Security, Cloud Security

Week – 7

19.IoT Security
20.Cyber Physical System Security
21.Social Media Security

Week – 8

22.Virtual Currency
23.Block Chain Technology
24.Security Auditing

Week – 9

25.Cyber Crimes
26.Different Types of Cyber Crimes, Scams and Frauds

Week – 10

27.Analysis of Crimes, Human Behavior
28.Stylometry, Incident Handling

Week – 11

29.Investigation Methods
30.Criminal Profiling, Cyber Trails

Week – 12

31.Digital Forensics, History, Challenges
32.Branches of Digital Forensics

Week – 13

33.Digital Forensic Investigation Methods
34.Reporting, Management of Evidence

Week – 14

35.Cyber Law-Basics
36.Information Technology Act 2000
37.Amendments to IT Act 2000

Week – 15

38.Evidentiary value of Email/SMS, Cybercrimes and Offenses dealt with IPC
39.RBI Act and IPR Act in India
40.Jurisdiction of Cyber Crime, Cyber Security Awareness Tips

Course certificate ;

70% of the final proctored exam and 30% of the in-course assessment.

The learning phase and the evaluation phase are the two phases of the course. The learning phase provides the necessary resources for ongoing, self-paced learning. Internal and external components make up the evaluation phase.

One must receive a minimum of 40% on the Continuous Internal Assessment and the External Proctored Examination to successfully complete the evaluation phase. Internal Assessment will receive 30 points, while the external proctored examination will receive 70 points.

Candidates who successfully complete all the necessary steps are entitled to get the Certificate.

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By :- Nidhi Gupta (Shyama prasad mukharji college, DU)

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