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Controversial Documentary on PM Modi Reached Delhi University: Read Now!

National Students Union of India (NSUI), and other student organizations have decided to screen the controversial BBC documentary, titled 'India: The Modi Question

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) released a documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi titles as “The Modi Question”. Two-part documentary series tracks how the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi climbed the political ranks of the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party during his time as the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat.

Documentary have generated controversy because it tried to portray Modi’s image in negative sense by using false and controversial claim, that cannot be supported by facts and evidence. Documentary focuses on unfortunate incident of Gujrat Riot- 2022, that happened when Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujrat. The communal riot happened when coach NO S/6 of a Sabarmati Express, carrying Karsevak or Ramsevak, was set fire by the Muslim Mob. The resulting blaze killed 59 people, including 27 women and 10 children, infamously known as Godhara Incident.

A communal riot surfaced in State of Gujrat resulting in death of 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus. Government of Gujrat has appointed an inquiry commission known as Nanavati Commission.

BBC Documentary Claim vs Fact

BBC documentry has tried to set many false claims to mislead the general public who does not have enough correct information to make their own opinion regarding the incident. Some of such claims of BBC are listed below.

  • According to BBC Documentary, Godhara Kand is a disputed incident meaning there is no evidence who burned the Sabarmati Express also there was no plan to burn the train. On the other hand, SIT (Special Investigation Team) clearly stated that the train was burned by the mob by throwing the petrol bombs and there was a plan to burn the running train.
  • BBC labelled the investigation superficial, but facts is that SIT was appointed by Supreme Court of India and investigation is done under the direct supervision of court itself.
  • BBC series shows that Former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri called Narendra Modi for help before being killed. But SIT has established that there is no record of Jafri calling Modi (then Gujarat CM) for help.
  • BBC claim Teesta Setlvad is waging war to fight human rights violation while on the other hand SIT finds that Teesta plotted for death sentence for Modi.

What is Response of Indian

Government of India has already banned the said documentry in India. Social Media Intermediaries has been asked to ban all the videos, tweets and messaged related to the documentary.

The student wing of the Congress party, National Students Union of India (NSUI), and other student organizations have decided to screen the controversial BBC documentary, titled ‘India: The Modi Question‘, on today outside the Arts faculty in North Campus of the Delhi University.

University officials has said that the no permission has been granted to show documentary. Heavy police force has been deployed to counter any unpleasant incident.

The Student Federation of India (SFI) screened the documentary at Jadavpur University. All India Students’ Association (AISA), another Left body, has also decided to screen the documentary on the campus of Jadavpur University.
The Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) on Thursday organized a screening of the controversial BBC documentary on PM Narendra Modi at Shanghumugham beach in Thiruvananthapuram. 

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