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About the course ;

Biogeography is the study of the distribution of species and ecosystems in geographic space and through geological time. Biogeography deals with the World Biomes in addition, this area of Biogeography focuses on the Geographical Distribution of Fungi, Flora, Fauna etc. It also consists of detailed account of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, Human Races, Glaciations Cycles and Extinctions and Ecology. Man-Environment Relationship, Population and Settlement and Domestication of Life are also dealt with.

Administration of the course ;

This course is taken by Dr P.T. Bharathi. Who is the professor of Maharajas College, University of Mysore {department of geography}. Dr P.T. BHARATHI, Principal Investigator/ Course coordinator for BIOGEOGRAPHY course under Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). She is the recipient of 2 Gold Medals and one cash prize for the Master’s Degree. And have participated in more than 50 national and international Conferences / Seminars / Workshops, besides this she is also having a life membership of academic bodies like Union Geographers Information Technologists, (UGIT) Bangalore and UG. In addition, she is serving as a Faculty Advisor at, the University of Mysore. And also have participated as a subject expert/scriptwriter for 8 modules in the subject of Geography in Audio/Visual based lecture programmers in the multimedia production/e-content development.

Important dates ;

Enrollment ends – 31st august
Duration of the course – 12 weeks {depends on person to person study but last duration is 15 weeks}
You can start the classes according to your preferences and course classes are available and recorded in the site
Category – humanities and social sciences

Course layout ;

Week – 1 | 1. Biogeography an outline | 2. World Climatic Zones  | 3. World Biomes Part -1 | 4. World Biomes Part -2

Week – 2 | 5. The Tundra Biomes  | 6. Classifying the Bio climatic Zones | 7. Biogeography Processes | 8. Geographical Distribution of Fungi | 

Week – 3 | 9. Global Distribution of Plants | 10. Global Distribution of animals | 11. Types and Distribution of Forest |

Week – 4 | 12. Types and Distribution of Fisheries | 13. Phytogeography | 14. Phylogeography | 

Week – 5 | 15. Natural Vegetation and Ecosystem | 16. Island Biogeography | 17. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution |

Week – 6 | 18. Human Races in India | 19. Human Races of the World | 20. Issues related to Human Races | 21. Agro ecological zones Part – 1 |

Week – 7 | 22. Agro ecological zones Part – 2 | 23. Types and Distribution of Flora and Fauna | 24. Glaciations | 25. Glaciations Cycles and Extinctions |

Week – 8 | 26. Geographical range | 27. Aquatic system – Marine | 28. Aquatic system – Fresh water | 29. Habitat Destruction |

Week – 9 | 30. Health Geography | 31. Ecology and Geography | 32. Geo-terrestrial Ecosystem | 33. Ecosystem Budget |

Week – 10 | 34. Human Induced Community Change | 35. Major Gene Centre | 36. Geography of Communities | 37. Lifestyle of Humankind |

Week – 11 | 38. Population and Settlement | 39. Man-Environment Relationship | 40. Domestication of life |

Course certificate ;

Assessment/Assignment marks will be considered for Internal Marks and will carry 30 percent for overall Result. End Term Exam- will have 100 questions and will carry 70 percent of overall Result. All students, who obtain 40% marks in in-course assessment and 40% marks in end-term proctored exam separately, will be eligible for certificate and credit transfer.


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By :- kaashvi Chaudhary (shyama prasad mukharji college, DU)

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