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Collaboration for Events Organized by Various Society of Delhi University

Flow in News (hereafter flow) is open for collaboration with different societies for the promotion of different events organized by them. We handle three Instagram pages,13 WhatsApp Groups (last updated on 18/11/2022), and two telegram groups. Apart from this, our team consists of members from various colleges. We can help you make your event successful.

Here are some guidelines that must be followed while submitting the details of the event.

Event Submission Guidelines

Events and opportunities include Conferences, Webinars, Courses, Workshops, Entrance Exams, etc.

  1. About the organizer/college/university/society (30 -50 word)
  2. Title or name of the event
  3. Poster banner of the event (Also please attach our logo on the poster). Click here to download the logo.
  4. Details about the event/opportunity
  5. Who is eligible for the event
  6. Location (country/state/city)
  7. Registration/submission procedure
  8. Fee details (if any)
  9. Prizes/perks (if any)
  10. Deadlines/dates
  11. Contact information
  12. Official link of the society (if any)

Submission Details

  1. Email the above detail of an event to [email protected] at least 3 days before the event.
  2. The subject line of the email should be Event of (Name of Society) of (Name of College). For example
    1. Event of Shunya, the Dramatics society of Ramjas or;
    2. Event of Qnights: The Ramjas Quiz Society
  3. The full content of the post should be in the body of the email.
  4. Brochures, other documents, and images can be sent as attached files.
    Please send the content in text/word format. Please do NOT send PDF files.
  5.  Kindly email changes (if required on your post that has already been published on the site) to the same email thread/chain (where you submitted the first post) for all requests to update content.

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