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Salutation pals, and a very delightful Namaskara to you for stepping into a place of wondrous opportunities to enhance your skills, better your resume, and be au courant!
Flowinnews has been created to aid undergraduate and postgraduate students of Delhi University to make the most out of the internships, projects, and courses available while also keeping them informed on the various ongoing in the University. We have worked meticulously to put it together to assist college-going students.
In this fast-paced era full of hustle, it’s very common to lose out on important news and beneficial updates. But no need to be disappointed, Flowinnews has got you covered!
On our website, we have:-
• The Latest news and developments related to Delhi University, are organized in one place and will keep you up to date. It consists of updates on the social and administrative functioning of Delhi University, including events, surveys, and modifications affiliated with the institute.
Fresh internship openings
Our website contains all the possible, necessary, and diverse range of internships of which one can make the best use. You can directly access the registration form via our website as well as precisely know all details of the internship.
Information on new courses and projects
Learning never stops, and the syllabus is never enough. Pump up yourself by learning new things! Maybe as a hobby or as a tool to enrich your professional side. Flowinnews provides you with the relevant resources.

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